Me Amar has vast experience in this area and has obtained outstanding results for her clients, including several withdrawals and/or reduce accusations.

What is assault?

The criminal offence of assault is defined as “the intentional application of force to a person without their consent”.

The Crown must establish that the Accused applied force directly or indirectly to the Complainant. The Crown must also prove that the accused applied this force intentionally and that the complainant did not consent to this application of force.

Assault charges can vary from simple assault, assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm and aggravated assault. In other words, assault can vary from the act of simply grabbing somebody to the act of choking another person. Regardless of the gravity of the accusation, the same legal principles will be applied and Me Amar will work just as hard to ensure that you get the best possible result.

For more details on Assault, please see the following link for Section 265 of the Criminal:

What defenses do I have?

Some example of common defenses for assault charges include: self-defense, defending your property, mis-identification and consent.

Once Me Amar gets your account of the events, she will give you her recommendation on whether this is a case that should go to trial or that she should negotiate a deal with the Crown prosecutor, you will decide together next steps.

If the case were to go to trial, it will a primary focus to effectively cross-examine the complainant to establish whether or not the complainant has a concealed motive to fabricate his/her version of events.

It is essential that you contact a lawyer before meeting with the police. The police often make a suspect feel as though it is in their best interest to give their version of events when, in fact, their story often ends up being used against them.

If you have been contacted by the police or have already been arrested, please call Me Amar as soon as possible so that she can adequately prepare you for what is to come.