Domestic Assault

Please refer to the section about assault to understand what constitutes the legal definition of assault.

Me Amar has defended ample domestic assault cases. Often, the underlying reason for domestic assault charges are either a contentious divorce, immigration issues, vengeance or a custody battle. Me Amar understands how frustrating it could be to be wrongfully accused of domestic violence.

The evidence on which these accusations rely on is usually the complainant’s version of events, which contradicts your version of events. There is often no corroborating evidence to maintain the allegations. The accusation then becomes a question of credibility. It is important to get an experienced lawyer who is comfortable in court and who will cross-examine the complainant effectively as to blemish his/her credibility.

Your lawyer needs to know not only your version of events but the circumstances surrounding them. For example, in cases of domestic violence, there is almost always a family context. This context will play a big role in building your defense.

Me Amar is sensitive to the complexity of these situations, especially when involving family issues, and she will take the time to properly understand your side of the story.