Impaired Driving

Me Amar has defended many impaired driving cases and has often obtained great results for her clients, where either the accusations were withdrawn or reduced to a simple Highway Safety Code infraction. Even for those who have multiple impaired driving offenses, including one client with over 15 of them, Me Amar has been able to obtain reduced sentences with a great track record. Me Amar understands the serious ramifications a driving ban can have on an individual’s life and as in all her cases strives to get her clients out of the accusation without a criminal record.

What is impaired driving?

Impaired driving, commonly referred to as a DUI (Driving Under the Influence), occurs when alcohol or drugs, or a combination of the two, impairs your judgment when driving a vehicle. With respect to alcohol, driving over 0.08 (80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood) is considered above the limit.

Other infractions which fall into this domain include refusing or failing to provide a breath sample, impaired driving causing bodily harm or impaired driving causing death.

Considerable consequences are attached to an impaired driving conviction including a criminal record, significant fines, a driving ban with a minimum of one year, and even possible jail time.

Once convicted the Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ) will impose its own requirements before allowing you back your driving license. Aside from building up a defense, Me Amar will also make sure that you are well prepared for this part of the procedure as well, if convicted.

What defenses do I have?

If accused, it is commonly believed that because you blew in the roadside test and it resulted in fail or because the test at the police station showed that your alcohol blood level was above the legal limit that there is no point in hiring an attorney. This is not the right approach. There are many possible defenses to a drunk driving accusation. The nature of the evidence is often complex and technical. It is therefore important to have an experienced attorney along with an expert in the field evaluate such evidence.

There is also a strong likelihood that evidence was obtained in violation of your rights protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Me Amar not only has much experience defending clients accused of impaired driving, but she also knows the right experts in the field whose input will be a key component of your defense.