Me Amar has defended a wide range of fraud cases including fraud of a retail establishment, credit card fraud, fraud of an employer and fraud of the Quebec government. This accusation of fraud carries with it an element of dishonesty and deceit, and thus may have a detrimental impact to your reputation. Me Amar understands what is at stake and will work endlessly so that you achieve the best possible results.

What is fraud?

Fraud is defined as the intentional act of deceit and dishonesty as to deprive someone of their property, money, valuable security or service. The Crown must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused person had the intent to deprive the complainant of the good or service they owned.

Similarly to theft, fraud can be separated in amounts over $5000 and under $5000, which will help determine the severity of the accusation. The circumstances surrounding the fraud are also important elements to evaluate when assessing the severity of the charge. Were you in a position of authority or trust? Is the Crown alleging that the fraud was sophisticated and required much planning? Me Amar will seek to answer such questions and she walks you through the best possible defense.

What defenses do I have?

Often times, these cases involve various documents kept in record; it is very important that you keep these records safely and show them to your lawyer. It is important to gather all the documents you feel might assist you in explaining what happened.

It is common that the police obtained the evidence that the Crown will use against you by searching your home or office. Me Amar will meticulously analyze the warrant used and ensure that your Charter rights were not violated. If your rights were breached in any way Me Amar will be sure to present the Court with the relevant Charter applications to obtain an exclusion of the evidence so that this evidence cannot be used against you.