Youth Matters

Me Amar has defended young offenders in Youth Courts across Quebec. She has defended cases as simple as a basketball fight turned into an assault accusation or as serious as sexual assault or publication of child pornography. She understands the very serious consequences an accusation can have on a youth whether it be on their academic performance, their self-esteem or their relationships with friends and family. Me Amar has the empathy and patience needed to connect with the accused youth and will fight to get this individual the best result possible.

Can a youth be convicted criminally?

Yes. If you are between the ages of 12 and 17 you can be accused of a criminal offence and be required to appear in Youth Court. However, sentences are usually much lighter for a youth than for an adult convicted of the same offence.

Me Amar will work with both the parents and youth to ensure the accused has the best possible defense as well as the best rehabilitation if needed.